Caffè Vero has established a firm market share in supplying roasted & grounded authentic Italian coffee to many countries; recently launching the UK operation with its head office in Nottingham.

Caffè - the Italian word for coffee; vero - means real, true.

We are a dynamic young company with a mixture of Italian and English heritage and a shared passion for great coffee - authentic roasted Italian coffee. We supply a variety of coffee blends and a range of professional coffee machines to suit customer business requirements.

The saying goes: 'start the job well and you're halfway there'.

At Caffè Vero our philosophy is based on these key elements to providing outstanding quality coffee:

ROASTING - We prepare our coffee by roasting the beans with warm air, not flame, to avoid burning the beans.

GRINDING - The coffee bean grinder has an essential role, but one which can be undervalued because of its simplicity. We carry out regular checks on the grinder during its working cycle to ensure constant levels of grinding.

MACHINE - The right equipment. A professional, reliable espresso machine is essential to do justice to the quality of the coffee bean roasting and grinding process. For us it is an absolute priority to help our customers maintain the machine in perfect working order.

SERVICE - When we install a machine our Caffè Vero service team will advise on the correct operation of the machine; cleaning and day-to-day maintenance. Our engineers are available to attend to any customer service or repair requirements.

Above all, we want to work in partnership with our customers to provide the best quality coffee blends, with the right choice of professional coffee-making equipment for your business supported by our dedication to customer service.

A complete, quality package.


We can provide a custom-packaging service. Using your company name and brand logo on the packaging and the coffee blend you want to sell in your bar, we will help with all aspects of setting up your business, from business plan through to logistics management.

We can also provide technical and commercial support to add other product lines to your range such as cups, napkins & promotional material to assist merchandising.